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GigaCrete Strong, Waterproof, Fireproof, Lightweight Concrete

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GigaCrete Strong, Waterproof, Fireproof, Lightweight Concrete
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  • 2012-03-10
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Brief Description
GigaCrete-This new form of lightweight cement composite outperforms traditional Portland cement based concrete, but stronger.
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    United States
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    GigaCrete USA
Detailed Description



World Structures  is a newly formed Connecticut Company representing GigaCrete Inc as the development company and a start up company that has reached the advanced development stage specializing in new construction technologies aimed at high speed, low cost global construction.  The founder, Architectural and Industrial Designer Andrew Dennis has invented a new concrete like composite and structural building system as well as a high-speed factory process that is revolutionary in concept and price.  Engineered to resist 200 mph Hurricanes, Zone 4 Earthquakes, Bulletproof and totally Fireproof the need for our product is global and massive.  The product can compete in markets wherever there is a need for low cost, high performance construction.  US patent applications were submitted in April 2002 by Weiss and Weiss patent attorneys and will be followed by approximately seven additional patents including the manufacturing process. EU and International patent protection is currently being worked on.

THE PRODUCT  Gigacrete

This new form of very lightweight cement composite outperforms traditional Portland cement based concrete. GigaCrete strengths up to 12,000 psi are possible and when matching standard concrete at 3500 psi, our weight is one quarter the competition and cures in 8 hours not 28 days. GigaCrete is cast into molds, producing panels that are lifted by hand.  This significantly speeds up the installation process on the jobsite and avoids using very expensive and time consuming cranes or lifting equipment.GigaCrete composites are formulated using GigaCrete proprietary binder (not Portland cement) and fillers that are mostly free materials representing up to 80% of the volume of the cast material. Fillers include waste ash in all grades from coal fired power generation stations, beach or desert sands, expanded polystyrene, waste paper, cardboard, plastics, agricultural waste fibers and paper mill sludge to name a few. All these materials becomes fireproof, non-toxic and can be made very lightweight enough to lift by hand and ideal as a concrete-like building material.   Please note 80% of the new product is either very low cost or free material and is reflected in the price of the manufactured product! Most waste/fillers are destined for the landfill, GigaCrete utilization of these materials creates an environmental clean up and a win-win situation politically. The panels produced can be used for floors, walls and roofs, all structural by nature and significantly stronger than code requirements. 

MAJOR FEATURES OF OUR TECHNOLOGY                                    

 GigaCrete is up to one-fifth the weight of standard concrete it can be lifted by hand

Gigacrete can be made four (4) times stronger than concrete at a strength of 12,000 psi

GigaCrete has an Eight (8) hour curing time versus 28 days for concrete

Erect GigaCrete houses in hours or days not weeks and months

Construction of homes at approximately half the cost of standard comparable construction

Stackable to four (4) stories high but is not limited to that height

Our technology is environmentally friendly, it does not use wood

Unlike standard reinforced concrete, Gigacrete panels will not shrink and crack

Our technology and construction is resistant to: Hurricanes (Category 5), Earthquake (Zone 4), Fire, mold, and insects

Construction using our technology is completely Non-combustible

Construction using our technology can be made bulletproof

Combines strengths of steel framed and masonry construction

Aimed at the worlds largest markets for low cost and affordable housing

Our technology utilizes waste materials extensively and creates a globally needed product and a win-win situation for all involved.


Utilizing a 32,000 square foot factory, one shift is capable of producing 7,000,000 square feet of panel per year, or 28,350 square feet per eight (8) hour shift. At the end of each shift, the 30 mold boxes are de-molded and the panels are ready for delivery to the construction site. Depending on the volume of orders, the factory may utilize a second shift or up-grade to a 50 mold Mega factory that can produce approximately 60% more product (shorter time to assemble and disassemble mold boxes) without requiring additional personnel or a larger building.  Mega factory production capacities can reach 35,437,500 square feet per year by running 3 shifts requiring 31 personnel per shift.  This equates to about 12,000 houses per year at 1,000 square feet per house footprint with only 31 personnel per shift in a small facility!



A single standard factory (30 mold boxes) running only one shift will generate $14,969,378 after expenses in pre-tax profit annually and $50,915,039 running 3 shifts.  A mega factory with (50 mold boxes) will generate $27,764,848 per shift and $89,301,500 running 3 shifts per annum.


  These are conservative numbers using union labor rates and high industrial rental rates.  This does not include additional income from the installations of the building shells (separate companies) or sales of our bulletproof Stuccotek, moldings, arches, fireplaces, garden walls, decorative castings etc.



After the first factory is established Internationally, it will not be necessary to seek funding though venture capital or even joint venture partnerships.

GigaCrete will continue to own the formulas, patent applications and proprietary information and offer licenses to its partners in various regions or countries.GigaCrete  will provide each of the factories with complete turnkey machinery and equipment packages, training and assist with management. All proprietary materials will be supplied by the parent companys distribution centers that will be set-up in close proximity to each factory.

GigaCrete has no equal, we have virtually nothing in common with the rest of the industry.  We are engineered to exceed all known building codes, it is unique in materials, factory process and installation method. We are able to enter the worlds largest marketplace low cost housing, compete successfully and be highly profitable. It is GigaCretes intention to place many factories globally as quickly as possible and dominate this massive marketplace.


International Territories and Production Plants will beginin the near future - Interested Parties/Candiates should contact World Structures ASAP for further information. This is a 1st come 1st serve Oppurtunity.